Dalston Anatomy

“Walking into Lorenzo Vitturi’s canalside Haggerston studio is somewhat comparable to disappearing down a rabbit hole and emerging in a fantasy scrapyard of colour and material. Heaps of plastic are stacked on the floor in a myriad of bright hues and contrasting textures, and buckets brim with odds and ends which might come in useful to his unique practice, which takes the form of an endlessly reflexive circle of sculpture and photography. It is a cave of chaos, in short, and yet there’s a strange order and calm to proceedings. This dichotomy is familiar to Vitturi, who comes from a set design background. “My work is always about chaos and order, about finding the right balance between these two different dimensions,” he explains, pulling up a stool to a huge makeshift table. “It’s always this mix of completely different elements coming from completely different natures, backgrounds. But then, when I understand that the sculpture is working well there’s a kind of balance – this harmony.” – AnOther Magazine

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