Moon Man is a culture magazine inspired by design

Moon Man is a culture magazine inspired by design, with a global focus in presenting contemporary art, photography, fashion and architecture. Moon Man places diverse artists and ideas in conversation with one another. Our mission is to slow down the pace, typically found within the commercial world, to take a deep breath, and absorb the beauty that is available to us.

Working with leading designers, Moon Man is foremost focused on the magazine as a collectable object, with the motivation for our readers to collect and preserve each issue. Moon Man will appear for the duration of five limited edition issues, completing a full collectable set. Once the set is complete, a further experience will reveal itself, as the Moon Man Magazine exhibition comes to an end. By welcoming you to the pages of our exhibition, we hope to create an intricate web of experiences, stimulating all senses and inflating your imaginations.


From the painting studios of Minsk to the urban streets of Lagos; from the public parks of Istanbul to the crowded subways of Hong Kong; from the skyscrapers of New York to rural villages in Guinea; from open-air sculpture museums in Japan to the white cube galleries of Malta — Moon Man’s “Edition E” connects disparate global narratives.

Many artists in “Edition E” reflect on the presence of the human figure within public and private spaces, and the juxtaposition between the masculine and feminine found in contemporary art. Many of these artists consider the changing urban environment, of gentrification, development and ecological concerns. Other artists explore the appropriation of the vernacular archive, recontextualising images to form new narratives of personal history and cultural legacy. The artists in “Edition E” are interested in the myth of space, of imagining an elsewhere.

Our first issue examines the art market for contemporary photography, as well as the prevalence of art storage free ports around the world. We explore the architecture of David Adjaye’s Alara concept store in Lagos, Nigeria, and consider what the building signals for the city’s unprecedented development. We peak into alternative explorations of architecture in New York, as well as Yayoi Kusama’s Pumpkins in Japan. We profile the burgeoning contemporary art community in Malta on the cusp of Valetta’s designation of the 2018 European Capital of Culture. We revisit past exhibition Dreamlands at the Centre Pompidou, considering its contemporary relevance in imagining future cities. We also include candid interviews with Nick Knight, Cathleen Naundorf and art curator Carrie Scott.

“Edition E” features a new commissioned photographic series featuring the furniture of designer Yinka Ilori, in collaboration with still-life photographer Lydia Whitmore and London based set designer/art director Gemma Therese Pearce. Moon Man has also commissioned a painting by Nigerian artist Bob Nosa Uwagboe, as well as an original music composition by Mark Daniel Brandon of Model Man.


Jun Ahn | ruby onyinyechi amanze | Maurizio Anzeri | Roger Ballen | Tina Berning & Michelangelo Di Battista | Katrien de Blauwer | Erwin Blumenfeld | Guy Bourdin | Mark Daniel Brandon | Rodrigo Carmuega | Julie Cockburn | Can Dagarslani | Haris Empamimonda | Kadara Enyeasi | Kristian Evju | Stephen Gill | Scarlett Hooft Graafland | Ishi | Yinka Ilori | Jaakko Kahilaniemi | Nick Knight | Claudia Legge | Namsa Leuba | John MacLean | Balazs Mate | Cristina De Middel | Bruno Morais | Patrick Morgan | Daniel Naudé | Jim Naughten | Cathleen Naundorf | Helmut Newton | Zander Olsen | Gemma Therese Pearce | Anna Peftieva | Claire Pestaille | Viviane Sassen | Keisha Scarville | Mira Schendel | Honey Long & Prue Stent | Romaric Tisserand | Nicasio Torres Melgar | Bob Nosa Uwagboe | Chibuike Uzoma | Lorenzo Vitturi | Alexandra von Fuerst | Isabelle Wenzel | Lydia Whitmore | Michael Wolf | Vladamir Zinkevich

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