Xiangyu Liu

“My models are my muses. I like to capture people that I find interesting in life. Though they do not always have ‘the perfect feature’, they fascinate me – they are normal people yet whimsical” Xiangyu Liu says. The Chinese photographer moved to Russia to study fine arts before turning to photography. There, he discovered another way to see the world. “I love the culture, the vibe, the people there. Even though I now travel a lot for work, I still go to Moscow whenever I can because it feels like my home”, he tells us. Favouring a spontaneous approach, the photographer captures strange moments – either raw, violent, sensual or even poetic. Taken with a flash on, the images seem to freeze the surreal aura of the mundane. “My work reflects my personality: it is positive and energetic. It enables me to express my most secret emotions”, he adds. A phantasmagorical journey into the imagination of an artist in search of freedom.

-Fisheye Magazine

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