Sheep Art Installation by Jean Luc Cornec

“Jean-Luc Cornec is a French artist who created the installation TribeT, consisting of a herd of 36 sheep made from recycled disk phones and cables and that, in addition to entertaining, seeks to make the viewer reflect on the simplicity of life without the excessive use of technology. TribeT It has become a cover letter for the artist. Jean Luc’s work consists of a playful combination of elements, objects, words and letters in a game of concepts and perception. The exact association between sheep and cables arose when Cornec realized that cables could be used as wool and the earphone as feet. As sheep have different meanings in world culture and religion, their installation has acquired new meanings and is constantly being renewed.

The artist says that when Dolly, the first cloned sheep was “made” in 1996, an implicit part of the installation was underlined: the dichotomy between original and copy, the line between singularity and series. “When I realized that Blade Runner, based on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? From Philipp K. Dick, he explored, among other things, the question of the extinction of animal species, the installation somehow became the materialization of an ecological question, ”says Jean Luc.”

-Fahrenheit Magazine

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