Asmah Mansur Williams

Women Not as You Know Them

“As a fashion enthusiast and business student, I was interested in the growth of the emerging Muslim consumer and their purchasing power. Being a Muslim myself, I found this growth and how brands have responded to this interesting. Many global brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Marks & Spencer and Nike have created targeted products for the Muslim consumer, but there’s still a big missed market opportunity as brands generally don’t target this growing segment of consumers…The rise of social media has meant that more Muslims are expressing themselves through fashion. This is the best time to assess the needs of these consumers because contrary to popular beliefs, many Muslims are using fashion as a means to express not just their faith, but their identity…The Muslim consumer market is growing with more brands targeting the consumption needs. However, with Islamophobia and the constant backlash from the media, the need to further communicate the benefits of development cannot be overemphasized.”

-Asmah Mansur Williams via Bournemouth University

Knowledge is power

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