Radiator Theatre

“I question the nature of both spoken and visual languages. Do we think in languages? Do we dream in languages? Is it truly a free thinking, if one decides to start forming thoughts in one specific language? Or are these all illusions?”

—Ina Jang

…Radiator Theatre, a solo exhibition featuring a selection of photographs by artist Ina Jang. The photographs are a continuation of the artist’s renown play of colors and shapes. This exhibition is the first time Jang will exclusively show the newest development of her poetic display. Evolving from Utopia, a solid presentation earlier this year at Foley Gallery in New York, the Radiator Theatre photographs display abstract forms narrated in a visual language that is personal to the artist. Ability to speak multiple languages shaped how “the theatre of language” is expressed in “a range of wordplays, rhymes, misinterpretations, exaggerations and lies through lyrical shapes and colors.” From personal journal to social interactions, she organizes a thought with three different languages accompanied with drawings ultimately questioning the nature of both spoken and visual languages. Poetically playful and minimal, the on-going series of work exhibits story that is personal yet tangible much like words we speak and visualize.”


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