New Horizons, Changing Landscapes

“New horizons, changing landscapes – in Morocco, Katie Shillingford and Jackie Nickerson look towards the future with an assemblage of forward-thinking pieces from the Spring/Summer 2018 collections. “The landscape in that part of Morocco is so diverse and raw,” Nickerson tells AnOther. “There are so many different kinds of terrain in a small area so we were spoilt for choice. It had a kind of seasonless vibe. We had a major sandstorm on one of our shoot days – it’s tricky because it’s hard to work in, but it also gives the light another kind of quality.” Ruffled silk and lace dress by Redemption. Silk-organza shredded baseball top by ASAI. Patchwork zip-front trousers by Marques’ Almeida. Crocheted balaclava by Christian Stone. Knitted socks by Glenmuir Birkdale from SockShop. And trainers (customised by Larissavon Planta) by Vic Matié.


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