John Squire

“Altering images using online editing software, Squire used distorted, fragmented sections of images which he then enlarged from the small screen onto giant canvases using traditional oil painting methods. “I took some photographs myself and crashed the editing software multiple times until I started finding images that I was excited by,” he says. ​“It wasn’t a process designed to make paintings, it was just something I had fun doing. Then I decided it might be something to explore in oil paint.”

The paintings, which take over two of the gallery’s huge back rooms, are almost trippy in the way the backgrounds merge with the human subject at the forefront – a result of Squire’s editing software experiments. Facial features are fragmented over the canvas on some pieces, while lost altogether on others, blurring into the surroundings. “I consume a lot of news and I can see parallels between what I was doing and with the way the news is framed and distorted before it gets to us,” he says on the work’s meaning.

“[Smartphones] are quite handy propaganda delivery systems, aren’t they?”

-The Face

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