Ashley Sophia Clark

“I like to photograph feelings. There are lots of themes I seem to revisit and have a fondness for. Hair, flash, party favours, household items not used for their intended purpose, light in dark places, shadows in bright places, magic, moods, flowers, energy, tension, things that are already full of their own vocabulary… I don’t think I know how to have a typical shoot. Each one seems to turn into its own thing completely. This can be totally exhilarating and/or give me anxiety – it’s usually some hybrid of both. I like to think of shoots as little happenings/tiny parties, because they usually feel very collaborative and connecting. Every person I take a picture of is helping to create and channel ideas through their bodies – plus they also help me string tennis balls to the ceiling with fishing wire, blow up hundreds of balloons, and drive all over town to help me find fake hair. I love the bonds that form from these strange situations. I am also not very concerned with technical proficiency. I like things kind of messy and a little out of focus.  Most of the time I forget to turn the flash on or off, something malfunctions, and/or we are running out of time. My favourite images usually come from supposed mishaps. It reminds me that nothing can ever really be a mistake.”

-Creep Magazine

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