Lover in Disguise by August Östberg

“I got into photography because I failed to become a painter. I wasn’t skilled enough to make a career out of it so I tried to become a comic book artist, a filmmaker, animator and a comedian (that last one is pretty cringy to look back on now). As I got older and more into design and software I found myself back to something that felt familiar. Making pictures, this time with a camera and computer…Creative for a living is a luxury and I’m very blessed. Like with any job there’s always things that you find boring or hard but you still need to do it. I force myself to think of my personal projects as a second job. Sometimes I need to force myself to make stuff, but most of the time I know how satisfying it is to finish something, so the pressure of that kick is most often all I need…Go commercial! I don’t buy the “don’t sell out” mentality. You can still do what you consider “real art” but make sure you have food on your table first. Use your gift to get a good life. No one likes an artist that struggles for no good reason…”


Knowledge is power

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