The Santa Anas from Play the Wind

“There are numerous reasons why photographer Alex Prager has gained such success and adoration, but one standout factor is her ability to make viewers see the world for its busy but dressed-up glory. She does so by setting a scene, something similar to daily life but eerily unfamiliar. The photographer creates sets to do this, but it’s a set you’d unknowingly walk past, a bus stop or a cinema crowd cast full of friends, family and the famous. It’s this mix of the real and the staged that’s seen curators at the world’s largest galleries fall for Alex…Alex’s enthusiasm, built from hope, is a direct influence of Alex’s home: “That’s the thing about growing up in Los Angeles, you get to watch the movie industry make all these impossible worlds, it’s always been inspiring to me,” she points out. “Any time I felt like something wasn’t possible I think they could have done it if it was a movie. Then, I’m like right, we have no excuse we have to figure it out. We’ve had to figure it out so many times, on barely any budget, barely any anything! But we’ve always managed to figure it out.” Things have understandably not always gone to plan in some of Alex’s works – she even notes encouraging a friend to jump on a trampoline in heels repeatedly until she broke her ankle four shots in. “I don’t know why we didn’t think of that,” she says. Yet it’s a risk that always pays off. This is also down to Alex’s close team, who she constantly praises, and thrives off working with. “I love it. That’s one thing I love about making films is a huge team collaborating to make one vision possible…”

– It’s Nice That

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