Kayama Matazo

“Kayama Matazo was a painter who employed a mixed technique. In 1949, he graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a degree in painting…His works give the impression of a cross between a painting and a photograph. In 1950, he began to incorporate discrete elements of cubism, as well as elements of Italian futurism in his series of paintings focused on birds and other animals. In 1964, he conceived a ceramic mural for the Taiseki-ji Temple of Fujinomiya. He also conceived a stone Pagoda for the Jindai-ji Temple in 1974, in homage to his late friend Yokoyama Misao (1920). Towards the end of the 1970s, several state organizations commissioned him to make mural decorations, including the Japanese Embassy in the United States.”

-The Bénézit Dictionary

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