Cassey Chanel

Hunger Interview, on [Cassey Chanel’s] Instagram which seems to focus a lot of #dance and movement. “It started when I was a young girl. I grew up being this little mixed race jungle girl in this village in Kenya called Kitui, where we’d dance a lot. It’s only until last year I got introduced to FKA Twigs’ music. I loved her work instantly. I felt a very deep connection and I could relate to the message behind her videos as well, that’s when I started voguing.” “I started modeling when I was 15. I’d moved to London from Cornwall, meaning I had to leave my dad and not see him for months. I had no friends, no money, nothing! I was really struggling financially. I did unpaid work for about a year or two, in hopes of getting myself out there. I’d have broccoli for dinner and nothing to eat the rest of the day, as I had zero money. I lived a really bad quality of life in London. I lived in a room, with no heating, hot water, or electricity, and slept on a sofa bed, with the kitchen being the only source of light. I remember just sitting on my sofa bed in the dark after finishing work feeling so alone. I was stressed, but I didn’t know it. I had overworked my body and mind to the max, which resulted in me losing my hair…I was tired of keeping it a secret, I wanted to inform people, especially younger people, about the risks of stress and how it can affect your body. The thing is, I didn’t know I was stressed to the point that my hair would fall out. I didn’t even know what alopecia was. I was never told how much stress could affect you. That’s why I made the [instagram] post, to be that person who I wish I could have looked up to when I was in need of advice. In fact, informing people about it was a huge weight off my chest.”

-Milk Makeup

Knowledge is power

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