Face of Woman, Pablo Picasso (1962)

In an interview of Picasso by Brassai:

“It seems strange to me that someone thought of making marble statues. I understand how you could see something in the root of a tree, a crack in the wall, in an eroded stone or pebble. But marble? It comes off in blocks and doesn’t evoke any image. It does not inspire. How could Michelangelo have seen his David in a block of marble? Man began to make images only because he discovered them nearly formed around him, already within reach. He saw them in a bone, in the bumps of a cave, in a piece of wood. One form suggested a woman to him, another a buffalo, still another the head of a monster.” …“People are always asking me to sign my old canvases. It’s ridiculous!”

– Picasso

Knowledge is power

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