Men Walking

“Kadara Enyeasi is a multidisciplinary artist who works between photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and collage. Enyeasi’s work combines an interest in architecture and urban space with a focus on the human form. He plays with silhouettes and perspective, reducing the body to a series of fluid lines and marks. His drawings often focuses on the male form, suggesting nuanced poses and moods that are based on personal past experiences and photographs. Kadara’s drawings are full of art historical references. With nods to Mattise’s line drawings and Botticeli’s weighted bodies, he also points to Le Corbusier’s architecture through a mathematical, grid-like presentation. In his collages, Kadara juxtaposes photographs from his commercial and personal archives, combining images of people, architecture and objects found in the city of Lagos. With images layered and overlapping, fashion meets the mundane and the ordinary to capture the dynamism of the urban environment.”


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