Vicki King

“Photographer Vicki King has a truly magical view of the world through her enchantingly hue-filled lens…Since discovering photography, mostly by accident, she has become fascinated with the emotionality of images – using the medium to create a space that lies somewhere between the real and the imagined,” explains the photographer’s biography. “Her work concerns itself with the fine details of colour, light, texture and the body alongside astronomical and intangible elements such as space, alchemy, hyper-reality, nature; and the emotional connotations attached to them.” This mention of detail is a key counterpart to what makes Vicki’s images so beguiling. Photographs taken outdoors on location appear like alternate realities, mirroring pink shaded lakes and composing models so that even a hail-bale looks like a glamorous prop. Light and shadow are also used inspiringly, whether it be using a plant to initiate shadows or using spotlights to enhance the detail of clothing.

-It’s Nice That

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