Riccardo Maria Chiaccio

“Even though he’s been obsessed with clothing – and objects in general – since a very early age, he started considering the fashion industry as a means of living during his teens, after quitting ballet because of an injury. As he himself admits, fashion saved his life…”Funny thing is I didn’t realize how much Naples had influenced me until I moved to London, and the same thing happened with London when I moved to Milan. I would say that what Naples transmitted me the most are two of the strongest elements in my work: adulation for women and adulation for objects. We have a very strong culture and many traditions based on objects and symbolism, for example: if you touch this statue this will happen, if you wear this pendant it means something, you hang this thing over here when this happens, etc. It’s like you give objects a reason and a very specific role and I think I’ve transformed this into obsession over clothes and accessories and everything has to mean something and everything has a specific role. London, on the other hand, always reminds me to push things to the limit.””

-Riccardo Maria Chiaccio (for Metal Magazine)

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