Robbie Lawrence

“When I was an intern photo editor at the International Herald Tribune… in Paris, I was taught how to illustrate a story with just one image. I became very interested in this idea – using a photograph to back up the writing and that image being responsible for telling the whole story. Therefore, I try to a make a photograph that, in that particular moment, tells as much of a story as possible…The photographers who have always inspired me were those who were able to open up a small crack into the moment that they were experiencing, and then leave it open for us. That’s the same for me. I like looking at the moments which are not necessarily interesting, those points where you take a step back. These moments are so day-to-day, but they are emblematic of a broader mood. As I spend a lot of time on my own, travelling with work, I become more outward looking.”

-It’s Nice That

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