I Can Feel It in My Eyes

“Portia Zvavahera’s third solo exhibition with the gallery, I Can Feel It in My Eyes. Zvavahera exhibits several new large format paintings depicting young lovers in ecstatic embrace amongst the lush gardens of Harare’s Central Park. Screened by gigantic flowers that protect and seclude them in their private love, the couples seem lost in their feelings, oblivious to the gaze of the outside world. Painted in layers using oil bar and oil-based printing ink, areas are built up through multiple perspectives of modelled forms, and with flat patterned sections recalling the block printing process of textile design. Rich and deeply coloured backgrounds shroud the couples, with sweeping brush marks and graphic gestures describing the natural surrounds. The couples’ monumental figures appear to levitate in a primal space, as if they were beings from a parallel world – the powerful, strange and radically autonomous world of the artist…”


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