The artist duo Synchrodogs originates from the Ukraine, where Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven fell in love and started to work together as professional artists under one name. Ever since, they have been working in the fields of art and fashion photography, blurring the boundaries between the two... They mainly use themselves as a showcase for their studies, playing with their analog cameras, deconstructing human personality and producing images that dig deep into the core of human nature itself. ‘Synchrodogs’ find inspiration in nudity and people’s eccentricity, mixing in Western and Ukrainian/Byzantine tradition, with references to folklore and local art. Their main interest lies in bringing primitive instincts out of a viewer; provoking animalistic behavior and emotions and allowing one to embrace their natural beauty. The photographs are pure, intimate, symbolic and full of instinct, capturing the subject with a ‘hardcore flash’ that endows an image with the effects of modernity making it stand as if it is taken in an instant moment and immediacy.

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