That Which May Not Breed (2018)

“My works are made with fragment of objects, figures, paintings, drawings and photographs and I tend towards experimentation with these materials. The fragmented objects, pictures, figures etc. are all used in questioning the consequences or after-effect of some of our socio-political, religious, cultural and other human enacted actions and influences…In dealing with this societal construct, I am often times compelled to engage subjects as diverse as migration, displacement, integration, rehabilitation, space and acceptance. I think of how my subjects construct their lives. I see and understand their innocence or lack of it, manipulation, struggle, neglect and curiosity. Just like the way I connect my dots as in the confetti I string together to make my art, I also tend to fuse these varying human lives together, because at the end of the day no matter how individualistic we may be, we still all live together in the same universe as humans. My inspiration constantly evolves; I detest stagnancy of ideas or form…”

-Ngozi Schommers

Confetti, acrylic, charcoal and inkjet photo print on canvas.

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