Francisco Infante-Arana & Nonna Gorunova

“Multi-disciplined artist Francisco Infante-Arana and his wife Nonna Gorunova collaborate on a visually engaging series of images that utilize the transformative quality of mirrors. Without using any post editing software or any form of digital manipulation, the artists manage to create stunning sculptural land art with mirrors that reflect and, thereby, redefine their environment.

 Using basic materials like their reflective panels and some rope, the Moscow-based duo install each of their manmade works, which they refer to as “artefacts,” into natural environments. They create a visual dialogue between nature and their artificial elements inserted into the terrain or suspended above the ground.

The artists proceed to document the scene in photographs that reveal a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape. The sky is surreally reflected in a jagged mirror on the ground and mounds of dirt are simulated on another reflective surface that pierces the atmosphere.”

-My Modern Met

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