Son of Man

“We are using performance and text to question and investigate masculinity in the Nigerian context, our fathers, brothers, sons and the environment that makes them.”

-Yadichinma Ukoha- Kalu

“Born April 1995 in Lagos, Nigeria, Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu is an experimental artist. She currently lives and works in Lagos. Yadi started showing her work in 2015 in a group exhibition, titled ‘Woman in Bloom’ and over the past four years has featured in group and solo exhibitions in Lagos and around the world. Yadi works with a variety of media from painting, photography, sculpture, to film and digital media. Influenced broadly by a mix of artistic movements, Yadi uses research and documentation of everyday life to instruct her work, resulting in true exploratory experiences taking place in imaginary spaces”

Knowledge is power

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