Sara Grace Wallerstedt by Paolo Roversi

“It’s always about seeing what pops up, because there’s always something imponderable lying in wait. There’s always chance, fate, luck, misfortune and destiny – something beyond your control. And it’s beautiful, like with all things in life. You can’t control everything. Besides, I’m not a great “controller”… For me, photographing a person – or even a tree or a landscape – is a very intense moment, a powerful exchange and encounter, a bit like a confession or a self-portrait. It’s not about looking for a curious or pretty snapshot… Light is everything. Without light, there’s no photography. But above all, without darkness there’s no photography. Darkness is even more important than light. I like long exposure times. They allow the subjects to intensify their #aura of survival, rendering it more vivid and profound. In more mystical words, I like it when images “strike at the soul” and manage to bring it to the surface.”

-Vogue Italia

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