The Beautiful Strangeness

“The Beautiful Strangeness is the photographic project by Jack Davison, an unconventional artist and impatient with the rules…photographer Jack Davison, originally from Essex… His talent is out of lines: the photographs in his project don’t respect any rule, rather they try to break the rules. In typical quadratures of documentary language, they alternate with portraits, both color and black and white reports. Even the techniques used by him are out of the ordinary, such as the blurring of his subjects or scratching negatives and the shot tearing after printing. The project was born around 2014 when, after a trip to the United States, his works were published in the New York Times and in the British Journal of Photography. With an independent and rebellious personality, Jack considers himself self-taught: “I was never told how to do things, and never given any set boundaries, so I’ve never had a problem with experimenting. “ The important thing for the artist isn’t to tire the viewer and always surprise him with twists and turns with particular images, sometimes destabilizing, but never boring.”


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