“Born in Seoul and now living in NewYork, photographer Kang Hee Kim’s project Street Errands is a series of collaged photographs that have been taken in New York and a few other places around the USA. “They are mostly created from constructing my own form of surreal escapism by manipulating images produced from mundane encounters,” KangHee explains. “My work involves a juxtaposition of mundane scenes in New York and beautiful scenery outside of the city. As much as I love the city, I miss being out in nature.” KangHee is currently restricted from travelling outside of the country due to her visa status, so to escape these constraints, the photographer creates worlds which are free from limitations. “Creating surrealist and fictional imagery allows me to feel a bit liberated from the complications,” …When building images for Street Errands, it helped KangHee to think of each image as a painting, “showing the post-production process as a way of mark making”. “I focus on the each frame without planning ahead. I have a big archive of photos from scenery and street photos,” she says. “I go through them on my computer and mix match those images. It is the most exciting part for me that leads me be in the space want to be in.” …KangHee aims to challenges ideas of perfection by creating her own interpretation, merging to images to help them find “their spark”. “I leave traces of ‘imperfection’ untouched intentionally in the process,” says the photographer. “The small imperfections are what make people attractive and human…”

-It’s Nice That

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