By: Lukasz Wierzbowski

“…his personal style is distinct but easily recognizable: vivid, dramatic, colorful and eccentric. Lukasz Wierzbowski loves shooting in sunny late afternoons — when golden rays cover everything. His photographs, however, are the result of an amazingly keen eye, able to work wonders in all kinds of scenarios, sunny or otherwise. When it comes to expressing himself, the young Polish photographer follows his instinct and leaves a trace of his personality in each shot…. The process is pretty much the same no matter if I work on a commissioned project or just have a afternoon walk with my nieces. I simply try to use opportunities given to me by the connection of human body and the environment. I find each surrounding to be a source of never ending possibilities and the human ability to merge with it allows me to explore the process. I want the model to feel comfortable even if the position may look strange. I’m always interested in the model’s interpretation of the overall direction I usually give. Each journey is unique and has its own dynamic.”


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